Are Vehicle Title Loans Safe?

Most of us have been strapped for cash at one time or another in our lives, even if we have been responsible financially. Unforeseen circumstances can arise— jobs can be lost and you get a little behind, an unexpected payment pops up, or the economy may have affected you. You might need money for bills, expenses, emergency funds, or even a much needed vacation. If you are facing a financial shortage and feel there are no options for immediate cash, you might be surprised to learn there is something out there that might be able to help. Cash title loans can give car owners instant relief, and provide the cushion needed to catch up financially. It’s normal to hesitate when a car might be your only asset. You might wonder if a cash title loan (aka car title loans) is safe. The best way to decide if cash title loans are right for you is to have all the information before you make your decision.

What is a car title loan? 

Simply put, cash title loans use your car as equity to secure an advance of money. One of the unique benefits of a cash title loan is the ability to receive cash without your credit being pulled. If you own your car outright, the value is assessed and a short term loan is made. Better yet, the funds are available the same day.

Use your car title to get cashWhat do I need to get a car title loan? 

If you’re interested in cash title loans— a few things are necessary. First, you need to own your car outright and have possession of the title. You will need to bring your car, be 18 or older, have proof of residence (like a recent utility bill), and a driver’s license. Unlike some other lenders, TitleMasters does not require proof of employment.

What is the repayment process? 

Cash title loans are short term loans. They need to be repaid within thirty days. You can easily pay online, by fax, or in person at various convenient locations.  TitleMasters payments can be made at Wal-Mart, K-Mart and H-E-B (in Texas), as well as over the phone and online.  If circumstances happen within the 30 days, there is the potential for a loan extension if you qualify.

Is a car title loan safe?

Car title loans are safe and convenient for those who know they have the ability to pay back the sum of the loan within the 30 day window. If you know you’re next paycheck is just out of reach, cash title loans are a safe way to get the funds you need or want, and you simply pay them back when you get paid. Your information is kept private and secure— and the process is discreet.

The Titlemasters Difference 

Titlemasters differs by offering up an extremely convenient service. They will come meet you at a safe location chosen by you. They will also come quickly. They can meet near your home or office at a Starbucks, Walgreens, or other nearby business. In about 30 minutes you will have your money and still have the use of your car. Titlemasters also has several pay-in-person locations. You can walk into your neighborhood Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or H-E-B to repay your loan.

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